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Seenode converts Python and Node.js code stored in Git repositories into containers running in 9 fully-managed regions.

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Web apps, databases, docker clusters – all at your fingertips with our cutting-edge tool. Dive into unmatched versatility!
Web services
Crafting with Node.js or Python? Seenode launches your code into the cloud with just a Git push. 
Elevate your project effortlessly!
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Spinning MySQL magic? Seenode is your cloud carpet ride. One push, and your data soars skyward, simplifying storage with style!
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Unlock the potential
with fully-managed regions!

Dive into the power of regions* to tailor your experience and boost performance. Make local connections, and watch your project soar globally.

*Currently available regions: Warsaw, Madrid, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Amsterdam, New York, San Jose and Singapore
Launch Like Lightning, Shine Like a Star
Dive into the cloud with us! Launch your web apps smoothly, and let's make your online dreams fly high together.
Rolling Deployments
Deploy without downtime! Our seamless process gradually replaces images, keeping your app online even if something breaks.

If the application is broken, the deployment process stops, and only functional copies respond to requests.
Use any language you love
Out of the box support for popular languages and frameworks like Node.js, Python, Django, Go, PHP, and more.
Integrated Git Providers
The platform integrates with every major git provider like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket, enabling you to take the project effortlessly on a ride to the cloud with us.
We'll watch over your services and alert you when they're reaching their limits.
Custom Domains
Got a domain? Link it fast to our web service. No domain? No problem. Use our instant pre-generated one.
Monitor your build history and settings, all saved as images in our registry. If trouble hits, easily revert to the last working version.
web services
Outstanding scalability
Unleash the power. Adjust CPU and Memory resources, change the number of running nodes, or both. Whatever works best for you.
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